Lider in the production
of soles TR PU TPU

Development strategy

The Company’s development strategy in the coming years assumes further reinforcement of MSU S.A. position on the Polish and European market. The Company’s strategic objective is to reach the top 5 largest manufacturers in Europe. Through a phased and sustainable increase in the current production and through acquiring existing entities, the Company also intends to obtain up to 30% domestic market share over the next 3 years. At the same time, the Company intends to rapidly grow through constant modernisation of the machine park, implementation of modern and “clean technologies”, obtaining a competitive advantage in the domestic market. In subsequent years, MSU plans to pursue intensified efforts to consolidate the market of shoe soles producers in Poland and abroad.
In the medium term, due to the emerging possibilities of selling large batches of products, MSU intends to launch the production of soles in one of the Asian countries with lower labour costs.

MSU can also achieve its strategic position by developing design and research centres to create its own new technical and technological solutions.